Ms. Fei Fei Chiam

An artist in her own right, Ms. Chiam Fei Fei is a versatile and talented art maker and choreographer from Singapore.

Well-versed in various art forms, Ms Chiam expresses most of her emotion through her beautiful choreographies that have a touch of style which is uniquely hers. Audiences who have viewed her repertoires often left the theatre in awe and described it as breathtaking. Her works were presented in national arts venues, such as the Esplanade Theatre, Victoria Theatre, Kallang Theatre, National University Centre For the Arts- UCC Hall & Theatre. Through her work, Ms. Chiam Fei Fei has impacted not only her life but also of those around her.

As the founder of English Ballet Academy and an associate of the Royal Academy of Dance UK, her dance arsenal is prolific, extending across ballet and contemporary genres. She also happens to be a FIG and national registered gymnastics coach. Throughout her years of dance experience, Fei Fei has been recognized for her outstanding contributions with awards like the “CCA Coach Excellence Award” and the “Most Creative Award”. She is also the first person to perform for the Solo Seal Award in Singapore. While these achievements have gained the respect and admiration of her students, she hopes that it will also inspire them to chase after their dreams. She cares deeply for her students and is always looking for ways to push them to grow – be it by leading from example, or from care and encouragement.

When it comes to choreography, Fei Fei is a master of visuality. What makes her so unique as an artist is her remarkable melding of dancers and props to create striking visual and intricate works. Her most characteristic pieces involve bold utilisations of the stage with vibrant cloths that act as dynamic extensions of her dancers’ movements. Each use is necessary and deliberate, allowing her choreography to transcend the space of the stage, amplifying the emotional force of her creations. There is an unmistakable dynamism of movement, visuality, and texture, that makes Fei Fei’s choreography distinctly hers.

Ultimately, for Fei Fei, a successful and meaningful choreography is one that is able to find resonance with others. To do so, she draws inspiration from her own life, imbuing her pieces with fundamental human emotions that her dancers and the audience can find relatable.  

Fei Fei’s creativity also extends to the field of literature: as she is the author of a children’s book, Secret Garden – The Amazing Life of Caterpillars. She has gained her students’ utmost respect not only because of her exceptional skills, but also the warm personality that is to care for her students and the people around her.

Published Booklist:

Secret Garden – The Amazing Life of Caterpillars
ISBN 9789811188206 Hardcover
ISBN 9789811188213 Paperback

(Next title available soon)
Listen To Your Heart – Delve into Singapore Choreographer Fei Fei Chiam’s Dance
ISBN 9789811189975 Hardcover 

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Original Works

简介 - Ms Chiam Fei Fei (Singapore)
詹老师是英国芭蕾舞学院的创办人,拥有多年的舞蹈和体操经验。她是英国皇家舞蹈学院院士,也是国际体操协会和新加坡国家认证体操教练。 詹老师曾荣获新加坡体操协会颁发的“最具创意奖”和丹绒嘉东女校的“最杰出教练”等奖项。