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Course Description:

Ballet is the foundation for physical and aesthetic-based sports. A ballet approach to help students in laying important foundation in body awareness, control, flexibility and artistry needed for dance and gymnastics. This course offers students to enjoy the best of both worlds. Students will embark on a dual-track in Classical Ballet (a performing art) and Rhythmic Gymnastics (an Olympic sport).

The course also teaches students to persevere and take charge of her own learning.

We foster the interest in lifelong learning and helping children to embark on a healthy lifestyle. Through the program of learning ballet and rhythmic gymnastics, we help children to gaining independence through character building, positive growing mindset, and skills acquisition.

Participants will need to purchase their own training outfit and gymnastics apparatus.


Students learn the Royal Academy of Dance’s Ballet syllabus and National Programme for Levels in preparation for National Championship. In the sessions, Basic ballet technique would be taught, such as posture, body awareness, spatial awareness, musicality, turns and jumps. In addition, for basic gymnastics skills such as acrobatics and flexibility and manipulation of the apparatus would be taught with the ball and rope.

Student will be taught the level 1 competition routine and ballet exam syllabus once her basic skills have been mastered. Subsequently, students will prepare for ballet examination and gymnastics competition.

Materials needed:

Leotard, ballet shoes, dance shorts, , gymnastics shoes, gymnastics ball & rope.


Course Fee $200 per month

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