About Fei Fei’s Choreography

Fei Fei is a master of visuality. For her, a successful and meaningful choreography is one that is able to find resonance with others. To fulfil this vision, she draws inspiration from her own life, imbuing her pieces with fundamental human emotions that are relatable to both her dancers and the audience.

What makes her so unique as an artist is her remarkable melding of dancers and props to create striking visual and intricate works. Her most characteristic pieces involve bold utilisations of the stage with vibrant cloths that act as dynamic extensions of her dancers’ movements. Each use is necessary and deliberate, allowing her choreography to transcend the space of stage, amplifying the emotional force of her creations. There is an unmistakable dynamism of movement, visuality and texture that makes Fei Fei’s choreography distinctly hers.

Repertoires list:

Original Repertoires/Choreography 原创现代

Original Full-Length Ballet/Dance 原创剧目

Classical Ballet 古典芭蕾