Do you want your child to be

  • Well-adjusted
  • Confident & Graceful
  • Focused & Disciplined
  • Have Good Physique 
  • Agile & Coordinated
  • Resilient

Sign-up the holistic program for aspiring students in Dance and Gymnastics.

Program Details:

Ballet is the foundation for all physical and aesthetic-based sports. A ballet-based approach to help students to lay important foundation in body awareness, control, flexibility, strength, and artistry.  

This program is designed to train students who are aspired to improve their skills and excel in their art form. Students will learn classical ballet technique, how to perform, project confidence, and practice the art of body control. Mastering these useful life skills will benefit your child who is interested to increasing capability in any dance form or sports later. We would prepare students for dance and gymnastics events such as ballet grading examinations, performance/competitions, casting calls and auditions. 

Who’s the Coach?

Ms Chiam Fei Fei

~ The coach who has dual qualifications in dance and gymnastics, that could help your child to release the potential and improve body control that is the key to success in dance and all form of aesthetic sports.


    • Registered Teacher of Royal Academy of Dance UK
    • Associate of Royal Academy of Dance UK
    • Accredited National Registered Gymnastics Coach (NROC)
    • FIG certified coach (International Gymnastics Federation)
    • Honorary adjudicator in international dance festivals
    • Ex-coach at Singapore Gymnastics National team
    • Choreographer & Trainer to the dance team who achieved SYF Gold with Honours Award

Class Schedule:

Sunday 3pm-4pm U16 Ballet (Intermediate Foundation)

Sunday 4pm-5pm U12 Competition program

Sunday 5pm-6pm U12 Competition program

Thursday 8pm-9pm U16 Ballet (Intermediate) 

Friday 5pm-5.45pm U12 RGBallet

For more classes, refer to English Ballet Academy.

Class Fee:

Group class: $120/month, 4 sessions.

Semi-private: $200/month, 4 sessions.

Private or group coaching: $150/hour session, fee varies by level and complexity of project. Please call 91555513 for the quote.

Class Venue:

Bedok South @Kew Cres

*Participants are abided by Our Terms & Conditions

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