Exhibition Title: Listen To Your Heart – Delve into the works of Singapore choreographer Fei Fei Chiam

1 NOV – 8 DEC 2019




Fei Fei Chiam commemorates 15 years of excellence in dance and artistic merits with Listen To Your Heart, a photographic exhibition that captures some of the most iconic moments in her repertoire.

These visual pieces reveal the force behind Fei Fei’s choreographic style which melds dance with a distinctly visual imagination. They are evidence of the way her artistic vision explores the intersection of dance with unbridled human emotion.

Offering these snapshots as raw and intimate moments of artistic creation on stage, Listen To Your Heart is Fei Fei’s invitation to the audience to share in her joy and love of dance.

Listen to your heart- delve into singapore choreographer fei fei chiam's choreography
CHOREOGRAPHY: ANXIETY. Artistic choreography: Fei Fei Chiam. Photo credit: Guek Peng Siong