Do you want your child to be

  • Well-adjusted
  • Confident & Graceful
  • Focused & Disciplined
  • Have Good Physique 
  • Agile & Coordinated
  • Resilient
  • Having more options for school and CCA selections?

For aspiring students in Dance and Gymnastics. 2 PROGRAMS OPTIONS:

  1. Private Coaching
  2. Rhythmic Gymnastics & Ballet/ RGBallet lessons

The Coach brief:

Ms Chiam Fei Fei

~ The coach with dual qualifications in dance and gymnastics could help your child release the potential and improve body control that is the key to success in dance and all forms of aesthetic sports.


    • Registered Teacher of Royal Academy of Dance UK
    • Associate of Royal Academy of Dance UK
    • Accredited National Registered Gymnastics Coach (NROC)
    • FIG certified coach (International Gymnastics Federation)
    • The honorary adjudicator in international dance festivals
    • Ex-coach at Singapore Gymnastics National team
    • Choreographer & Trainer to the dance team who achieved SYF Gold with Honours Award