Listen to Your Heart is a photographic memoir collecting works, images and literature from Fei Fei’s recent choreographies in her repertoire of creative works. These original works have been staged across national arts venues, as well as from SHINE, Fei Fei’s original productions.

The book contains some of Fei Fei’s most visually stunning pieces that bear the feats of her choreographic imagination. Through her masterful staging and iconic use of the props, her choreographies come together to create immensely memorable, picturesque moments captured live on stage.

Lovingly curated, the book is demonstrative not only of Fei Fei’s artistic prowess; it also contains the heartfelt emotions that she pours into each and every piece, which manifest into pieces with striking affective force.

It is set to pre-launch on the 29thof November 2019 at the Library@Esplanade, with performances brought to you by Tanjong Katong Girls’ School Dance Club and English Ballet Academy.

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