Fei Fei Music Demo 1 – Splash

Fei Fei Music 2- Theme: Love Gaia 生命的奇迹。主题:爱护地球-环保新加坡

《生命的奇迹》 词曲:feifei

窗外一片绿 天空没有乌云 你知不知道这一切得来不易? 一月的雨季 下得很急 地球您是不是很不满意?

六月烟雾弥漫 全岛扑塑迷离 终日异味漫漫难以呼吸 学校都不得 要关闭 我们的小孩该去哪儿游戏?

世界哭喊救命 到处呼风唤雨 森林都去了哪里?

地球只有一个 蓝天和白云 那是多么的美丽! 自然环境平衡规律 我们要珍惜

我们要保护 不能再疏忽 不要购买过多东西 一起减少制造垃圾 延续生命 得来不易的奇迹

About my song: This song expresses my love for our earth and environment. Our irresponsible actions, such as the production of excessive and unnecessary waste, can cause suffering to not only Mother Earth, but ourselves too. Hopefully, it will encourage all of its listeners to play their part in conserving the environment, having realised Her beauty and miracle of existence is not to be taken for granted.

Fei Fei Music Demo 3 – Video music


Fei Fei Music Demo 4 – Lights


Fei Fei Music Demo 5 – Heroic

Fei Fei Music Demo 6 – Horror

Fei Fei Music Demo 7- Ballad: Gu Di 谷底 Video coming soon. Keyboard by Vanessa.