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Course Description:

Ballet is the foundation for most aesthetic-based sports, while Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic sport in which gymnasts perform on a floor with hand apparatus: ball, rope, hoop, clubs or ribbon. This course emphasizes a ballet approach to help students lay the important foundation in body awareness, control, musicality, and artistry needed for gymnastics success. Beginning from learning freehand, the sport combines elements of ballet dance, acrobatics and callisthenics. Students will learn ballet techniques and gymnastics balances, jumps & leaps, rotations and apparatus manipulations. This course offers students to enjoy the best of both worlds. Students will embark on a dual-track in Classical Ballet (a performing art) and Rhythmic Gymnastics (an Olympic sport).

The course also teaches students to persevere and take charge of their own learning. We foster the interest in lifelong learning and helping children to embark on a healthy lifestyle. Through the program of learning ballet and rhythmic gymnastics, we help children to gain independence through character building, a positive growth mindset, and skills acquisition.


The first part of the lesson is a ballet lesson, the second part is a gymnastics lesson.

Participants will learn ballet and basic gymnastics skills, once it is mastered, they will learn the Rhythmic Gymnastics National Program starting from Kinder, and ballet grades 1 for this course.

This program is progressive. 

Materials needed:

Participants will need to purchase their own training outfit and gymnastics apparatus from the trainer. Items are leotard, dance shorts, gymnastics shoes, gymnastics ball & rope.


Course Fee $200 per month

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