Terms & Conditions for programs including but not limited to coaching classes, courses, workshops, masterclasses

Fei Fei & Co. Pte Ltd is referred here as “the Company”


  1. Course Structure: Courses are progressive and continuous. Course fees are collected by term. Each term is 2 months duration (8 weeks) unless otherwise stated.
  2. Fees are to be paid in full 2 weeks before the new term commencement.
  3. Enrolment: A one-time non-refundable enrolment fees of $50 is payable.
  4. Deposit: Students are required to place a deposit equivalent to a One-month fee. Top up of deposit is required if the term fee increases.
  5. Enrolment is confirmed only upon full payment of fees on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  6. New students may join a class that has already commenced. The fee will be prorated.
  7. Students registered and attending classes with the Company will continue with lessons from term to term unless the Company is notified in writing any intention of withdrawing.

Payment and Delivery Mode

  1. Payment by PayNow/PayLah! or Bank Transfer only. 
  2. The delivery mode of the lessons shall be either on-site or online, following the prescribed lesson schedule.


  1. The Company reserves the right to change or cancel the class or change the instructor if necessary.
  2. If a class is cancelled, students will be given additional time during the existing class or re-scheduled to another day until the lost time has been compensated.
  3. Students have to pay for examinations fee and/or any mandatory extra coaching classes before performance or examinations.

Refund Policy

  1. No refund for the class missed on the part of the student.
  2. There is no refund of fees for students who leave the course prematurely. Such fees include but not limited to enrolment fee, term fee, examination fee and exam-related fees, costumes fees, and other course-related fees.
  3. The Company will refund fees paid if we cancel a programme.
  4. All items sold are NOT refundable.

Termination Clause

  1. Termination is only possible at the end of each term. Students wishing to withdraw are required to give ONE month’s written notice before the current term ends. Students must pay any outstanding fee. The deposit shall serve as the last month’s fee. 


  1. Photos and Recordings Release: Parents/guardians of student agreed to grant the Company the right to use any photos, recordings of the class, performance or competition for publicity purpose, including advertising.
  2. The Company and its instructors will not be liable for any injuries sustained during lessons, as our teachers are trained and teach students according to their physical and psychological abilities. We will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries sustained during the lesson and non-lesson time.
  3. To avoid conflict of interest. The programs offered by us are independent training programs. It is not linked to any MOE schools. Participation in our classes is on a voluntary basis and sign-up on your own accord.
  4. Enrolment constitutes acceptance of the Terms & Conditions of Fei Fei & Co. Pte Ltd. Amendments may be made without prior notice at the sole discretion of Fei Fei & Co Pte. Ltd.